"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Alan Crane. My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Alan for almost three years now. Previous to that, she had been taking piano lessons with a former student of Alan Crane’s, Linda Kwan. Alan is a friendly and caring teacher. Over the years he has introduced my daughter to a broad repertoire and taught her solid technique. My daughter has really enjoyed taking piano lessons with Alan and the progress she has made in these three years has demonstrated to me what a wonderful teacher he is. Alan has encouraged my daughter to enter the Kiwanis and Richmond music festivals in which she has performed very well. This last time that my daughter performed in the Kiwanis music festival, she placed 1st in her class. Not only has my daughter grown as a piano player with Alan as her teacher, but she has also gained more confidence in herself."

- Parent of Alan's Student

"I have known Alan since December 2007 when he started teaching piano to my daughter who was 9 years old at the time. There are a number of comments that I would make regarding his approach to teaching. He is disciplined and is a very good communicator and immediately developed an excellent rapport with my daughter. He is a keen, focused and dedicated teacher who is well aware of the potential of his students, and under his able guidance my daughter’s piano skills have improved a lot. Since 2008 my daughter has participated in the Vancouver Kiwanis and the Richmond Music festivals and every year her performance is getting better. Alan works very hard with his students and also attends their recitals to encourage them and boost their confidence."

"Alan is humble, courteous and has a good sense of humour and a very positive attitude."

- Chandra S.

"As a parent in Alan Crane's studio for six years, I have enjoyed sitting in on my daughter's lessons. Alan is a very caring and intelligent teacher, and is good at explaining the music in both technical and musical terms to his students .He takes a great deal of time with students, often giving them extra time [often at no expense to the parents]when they are preparing for exams, festivals, and/or concerts."

"I would highly recommend Alan as a teacher in your music school to teach at any level, as I have watched him take my daughter from a beginner to a senior with great patience and detail. That she is a confident young musician, I would largely attribute to Alan's tutelage."

- Patricia A.

"It is my pleasure to recommend Alan Crane for the position of Piano Teacher. I have known Alan for many years as both a colleague and friend. This past year I have seen first hand how he teaches private piano lessons to my 7 year old daughter. He has all the qualities in a gifted teacher that I could hope for. As well as being patient and kind, he is insightful, realistic, creative, and knows how to get the most from my daughter in a 30 minute lesson. I am very impressed with how he has incorporated music theory and ear training with the material he presents. My daughter and I are both very happy with Alan’s work and I frequently recommend him as a teacher to others, and I do so to you as well."

- Rory O.
M.Mus., B.Mus., B.Ed., E.C.E.

"He was genuine, soft spoken and yet pointed in his adjudications"

"He showed me how to make all of my pieces sound better"

"I think when he grows up he should be Santa Claus"

- Comments from students following Alan's adjudications
at the Prince George and District Music Festival.